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Remote control SM10touch

SM10 Remote Control Touch
The ergonomically shaped all-in-one remote control offers automation solutions. The highly customizable remote enables you to save user settings as different profiles, position electrodes automatically using the 3D-lock function and operating the whole OS with an easy and intuitive UI.

The new generation of the Remote control SM10touch with 7" touch display offers a variety of new functions. In addition to the standard functions such as the positioning of the axes over the direction keys and handwheels with different free programmable speeds, Home- and Step function and storage positions, individual settings from up to 4 Users can also now be stored.
The new Remote control SM10touch offers the possibility to move any Z-axes, including the Z-Focus axis of the microscope simultaneously. The parameters for the variety of possibilities can now be direcly set over the touch display. The current position is shown on the display in 10nm steps. The device view makes it possible to show up to 12 devices simultaneously. The Remote control SM10touch offers an LAN connection for the first time.

Our new touch screen controller simulaneous movement of elecrtodes and microscope, no PC or software needed !

- Controls up to 24 LNxyz Micromanipulator Units
- Displays up to 12 Units at once
- Storage capacity of up to 5 different user settings
- New handwheel design
- LAN connection for wiress applications
- Zero time lag between simultaneous movement of axes

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