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Mini 4 axes Unit

This LN unit consists of a Mini 23xy, a Mini 23z and Mini 25 X axis, which are combined with the necessary adapters to form the complete unit. The design of the unit combines flexibility with stability, high resolution and freedom of drift. The patch angle of the X axis can be adjusted steplessly. All mechanical components are equippeed with earthing sockets. The unit is available with Turn and Backfold adapters. We also offer a hanging configuration for use in InVivo build ups.

Option 1: with turn adapter
Option 2: with backfold adapter

1x Mini 23xy (X1/Y1 Axis)
1x Mini 23z (Z1 Axis)
1x Mini 25 (X2 Axis)
1x Turn or Backfold adapter
1x Angle clamp
1x Base plate Mini XY23
1x Headstage clamp
1x Ground Set

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