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The new upright micrscope from Luigs & Neumann

Special features for the LNscopes

The LN-microscopes contains of the following features:
· Superior optical imaging properties by using original microscope components
· Upgrade and retrofit of accessories from Olympus for the upright microscope BX51WI
· Suitable for microscopy tasks like bright field, imaging, laser scanning up to two-photon systems
· motorized focus
· motorized positioning of the condenser (optional)
· flexible design of modular microscope body allows:

* stepless height adjustment of objective and reflected light illuminator by a manual Z drive allows working with different heights of probes and platforms
* fast exchange device for condenser and condenser carrier for the use of in vivo and in vitro platforms
* Easy removal of the transmission light device for even more space while in vivo structures like eg reality jet ball system or treadmill are used

· Sturdy construction with stainless steel guide columns, results in an outstanding stability, thermal drift and vibration free behaviour.
· Slim design for the use of up to 16 manipulator units
· Ground connection for electrophysiological measurements
· Z-Drive compatible with LN controls (e.g. SM7, Mini units, Junior units)

Advantages over competitors

· the modular design of the microscope covers all task fields for which different microscope types are needed in the past

* InVitro (slice and whole cell measurements)
* InVivo (imaging and measurements of anesthetized animals on platforms or stereotaxic frame )
* InVivo (imaging and measurements of awake animals on stereotaxic frame, ball jet reality systems, treadmills or Mobile home cage system)

· compatible with controls of LN manipulators. The customer can use one control for Microscope and Manipulator
· stepless height adjustment of objective and reflected light illuminator by a manual Z drive for maximum flexibility in height
· ground connection for electrophysiological measurements
· customized designs are easy to implement and available on request due to the modular design

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