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LN Bridge 500

The Bridge 500 has been developed for the attachement of the Slice Mini Bath Chamber, emphasizing the need for maximum stability. We recommend to use the Bridge 500 in combination with the moving table V240, 380FM or 380FM-U for all applications that don´t require individual movement of the bath chamber. Additionally the bath chamber is equipped with a T-groove that allows the attachment of universal brackets (for example LN Mini 15/8 manipulators orJunior Units). All LN Mini Bath Chambers can be attached and the adaption of units from other producers is possible on request. This unit is especially usefull for applications with confocal- or 2photon-systems that require an absolute minimum of vibration. There are two options concerning the base. The standard variant is screwed onto the moving table. The Bridge 500 allows the fast removal of the Bridge 500 (for example in order to interchange Bridge 500 and a InVivo Bridge quickly).

Special features:
- The magnetic stainless steel plate allows magnet brackets in order to attach the bath chamber.
- The T-groove allows the attachement of up to six LN Junior units or LN Mini 15/8 manipulators.
- Columns made of quality steel minimzie thermic drift and offer outstanding stability.
- Available for all upright microscopes
- LN Mini bath chambers can be attached, bath chambers of other manufactures on demand
- Hight adjustment

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