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Fourfold changer

The Fourfold-changer offers an alternative to the existing optical adjustable magnification options of the microscope manufacturers. An individual magnification of 4x, 2x und 1x can be selected by manually turning the dial. This enables to make magnification adjustments on a large scale without having to move the objective out of the chamber. It is easily possible to change from the (1x) overview to the optically more detailled magnification (4x). This is equivalent to a magnification of 400 to 1600 with a 40x objective (using a 1-inch video-camera). The changer is only for use with video-systems.

Technical data:
- Built-in 2x / 4x optics
- Adapter for various inserts (max. ø18mm)
- includes C-Mount Adapter (1" or 0,5")
- easily adaptable for different microscopes

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