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Faraday Cage

The LN-Faraday Cage combines excelent electronic noise shielding with a high effectiv capabilities of a shading box for 2-Photon or Imaging Systems. Regarding the highly innovativ construction and useage of high tech fabrics, the cage is light weight and flexible in use. One key feature is his level of customization. Because of its flexibility, hugh shieldings for customized or selfbuild 2-Photon Systems, can be realized.
Because of its construction, the faraday cage also shields the system against the envirement of the lab (e.g. turbulences by aircondition, open doors and so on).

Product specification:
- Electric conductive fabric (with customized coating available)
- Because of closed cage superior electric shielding
- Light weight
- Customized dimension easy to achieve
- Available with fire resistant coating
- In addition shading box for fluorescence and Laser applications
- Alumnium frame

- Purpose: Conductive fabric for general use
- Description of material: Ni/Cu/Ag plated Nylon fabric (Rip Stop)
- Shielding Effectiveness: average up to 100db from 300 MHz to 10GHz
- Temperature range: -30°C to 90°C

- Purpose: Outside skin for EMI / RFI baric
- Description of material: Ag plated Nylon fabric (Rip Stop) and black conductive PUcoating
- Shielding Effectiveness: >60db from 300MHz to 10GHz
- Temperature range: -30°C to 90°C

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