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DGC - Dodt Gradient Contrast

This contrast system was developed in response to increasing demands in microscopy by
Prof. Dr. H.U. Dodt (MPI-München). It enables to visualize the structures in sliced tissue. Specific adjusting of the contrast enables various structures (horizontal or vertical) to be highlighted.
The Contrast is mounted between the microscope stand and the lamp housing. Since absolutely no contrast procedure is provided by any manufacturer, an independent and for all microscopes adaptable system has been developed. In the same way it is also for the first time possible to obtain fluorescence and infra-red pictures simultaneously without any great effort.

Technical data:
- Contrast method as from Prof. Dr. H.U. Dodt
- Developed for infra-red microscopy
- Available for all erect / inverse microscopy
- Adjustments can also be set motorized
- Independent to constitution and structure
of the base of the chamber (thickness / material)

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