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Confocal / 2-Photon

The pictures show a set-up for a 2-Photon system from Femtonics.
The system allows to position up to six micromanipulators around the microscope.
Because of the additional detectors and optical light pass, the 380FM-U was modified with several adapters to fit to the 2-Photon system.
The great product range of adapters, columns and small T-groove plates allows us to adapt any kind of custom 2-Photon/ confocal microscope to our system.
All workstations can be equipped for InVivo requirements.

We support the full range of 2-P companies e.g. Femtonics, Leica sp5, Olympus Flou View, Zeiss LSM or Lavision and so on.

This assembly just shows one example of many different possibilities.
For more information please contact us.

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