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Bathhchamber XY Unit - 2 axes

This LN unit consists of a Mini 23xy and all adapters that are necessary to form the complete unit. The unit allows the individual movement of the bath chamber and makes it possible to swing the bath chamber out of the workspace. The Bathchamber Unit XY is availabe as motoric or manual version. The design of the unit combines flexibility with stability, high resolution and freedom of drift. All mechanical components are equipped with earthing sockets.


Traverse path : X/Y/Z = 20mm (motorized) / X/Y/Z = 23mm (manual)

Motor resolution : 9,8nm

Reproducibility :

Dimension (LxBxH) : 151 x 151 x 120mm

Weight : 1,9kg

Spindel lead : 0,5mm per rotation

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