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* Bridge accessories

3D-articulated arm

360° fine adjustments and central locking mechanism

Plate to fix / store the not used bridge.
Bridge 500 or InVivo Bridge can be mounted on...

360° fine adjustable in all dimensions.
Central locking mechanism

Upgrade kit for slice mini II and PTC mini bath chamber IV

Order-No.: 200-100 500 0176...

Bath chamber fixture for not temp. controlled chambers

e.g.: Mounting on the Bridge 500...

Drill hole: 3mm (0,5-3mm)
for the attachment from 0,5mm - 3,0 mm wire

1 piece


Drill hole: ø6,3mm
e.g.: for the attachment of the reference electrode

1 Set (3...

Slot width: 1mm and 1,4mm

e.g.: for the attachment of the in/outflow tube

1 Set (3...