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Luigs & Neumann GmbH history

Founding Year 1960
Owners Willi Luigs and Günter Neumann
Business Segment Development and production of fine mechanics and electronic devices
Product Range Electro-mechanical devices for measuring of inherent time, speed and pressure in
the field of heavy duty switch maintenance (electricity provider)

Precision measurement devices (μ-resolution)
for material control devices for:

  • laboratory drilling and milling machines and dental technology
  • leading to the Bavarian state award (gold) in the year 1974

Research and development for industrial partners up to the production stage
starting 1984 by acquisition of licenses of Max-Planck institutes, production
and distribution of products required for fundamental research, for example:

  • In vitro perfusion systems (based on research by Prof. Dr. Greger)
  • Patch-Clamp-Tower (based on research by Prof. Dr. Neher and Dr. Fernandez)
  • Development of our own range of manipulators (mini-combi-junior)
  • Patent-Nr.: DE4134727(A1)/US 5425282. Due to constant improvement, based on new
    ideas and demands as well as development of modular designed complete solutions,
    we are very optimistic about the future.